KYN Online Nutrition and Exercise Coaching Program

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If you’ve been going to the gym and eating relatively well for a while, you probably know that you don’t need the one-to-one attention of an expensive personal trainer, nor do you want to be spending upwards of £100 per hour to see a nutritionist every week.

But you probably know that in order to optimise your health, fitness, and body composition progress, having an individualised nutrition plan and gym program, as well as some accountability and someone to ask specific questions to, is going to be key.

The KYN Online Nutrition and Exercise Coaching Program provides you with that, and takes away that feeling of having to constantly second-guess yourself as to whether or not you’re doing what you should be doing, with your nutrition and training.

Do you want to:

- Build muscle and/or lose fat?

- Get stronger, fitter and faster?

- Get your place on your sports team, or go from the sub-bench to the starting team?

- Feel more confident in your clothes?

- Gain control over your nutrition, so that you can get in shape, whilst fuelling your body?

- Have a program that is specific to your performance and body composition goals?

- Have the nutrition and exercise side of your life taken care of, so that all that’s left to you is to put the work in?

Helping you with these things, is what this program is all about.


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We got Jack to start tracking his food and aiming for a calorie target, followed by protein, fat and carbohydrate targets, and added in recommendations around supplements and step count targets as the weeks went on, along with managing potential problems like birthdays and other social events, as they came up.

He lost over a stone, and continues to make progress on his own.

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"I'm absolutely chuffed with the results and cant wait to keep improving thanks to your help and I know I can improve even more now on my own with the knowledge I've gained.

The biggest benefits were learning more about nutrition as well as the weekly check-ins and feedback process.

I would absolutely recommend the program to others!"

- Alan


"Thanks Conor... you have really opened my eyes to the importance of nutrition in sport, I only wish I had known all this in my twenties!"

- Sean

"Although I believed I had a sound nutritional knowledge-base, it soon became clear when I started working with Conor that the balance of my nutrition and training was not at the required level in order to get maximum results from my performance, both in the gym and on the field.

Working with Conor has been an invaluable experience educating me on all areas related to nutrition and performance. Aside from developing my nutritional knowledge, I have also notice visible changes in my body composition.

All of the advice and guidance Conor supplied was specifically geared towards my goals. I have weekly check-ins where any tweaks or changes can be amended without fuss in order to achieve the best results.

Conor is always at the end of an email for any queries I have. If you want to remove the guess-work from your nutrition and receive professional guidance to improve all aspects of your performance, I recommend you drop Conor an email!"

The main aim with Conleth (owner of Kaizen Strength Gym) was to get him to lose as much fat as possible without him sacrificing his training, busy lifestyle and Friday night Chinese food.

As you can see he clearly accomplished that, and ate Chinese food every Friday night.


"Last summer, I was playing no football (GAA), for no team, and and had zero goals. But I made a choice to ask Conor for help, and I'm currently starting games consistently for my senior team, being chose ahead of lads who were playing regularly. I have been playing the best football of my life to date."

- Dan


"I was 4 months post micro-fracture surgery after a summer of drinking and eating shit. Without a doubt, the worst shape of my life by a long shot. Wasn’t in a fantastic place mentally as well as physically.

Compared with the second photo. Almost 4 months later, diet and lifestyle a million times better and on the road to recovery."

- Anonymous

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"At the beginning of the year, I had a dream that I wanted to be back to full health and playing at a high standard of football.

At first, I was fearful of applying to the program. However, with some very supportive and motivating advice, I soon turned my dream into a goal.

I am back to full health and playing football at a high standard with my club, having coming back from a severe illness.

The program has not only helped my physical appearance. It also transformed my mindset and lifestyle. I am very happy with the transformation I have made to date with KYN!"


My GAA performances would not have been where they were without your coaching. Getting to the final and being made team captain are a reflection of that.


- A completely individualised nutrition plan, complete with macronutrient/calorie recommendations and supplement guidance, based on your individual starting points and goals, from an in-depth questionnaire.

- An individual gym program, based on your experience level, starting points and goals. (Updated every 4-6 weeks as you progress).

- Weekly online check-ins with me via email, where we go through how your week went, address any issues, and make any changes needed, keeping you accountable, as well as getting any advice that you might need for the week ahead.

-Access to resources like my exercise database, recipe collection and other guides.

- Access to me via email between check-ins.

-Education along the way so that you can continue to make progress by yourself, long after the coaching program is finished.


£89 per month (minimum of 3 months)

or £239 when paying for a 3-month block.

Coaching isn’t cheap. It is an investment in yourself. However, when you break the cost down into weekly chunks, you will realise that it’s less than the price of a meal out in a nice restaurant, or a night out, per week. If you aren’t willing to invest at least that into your health, fitness and performance, then the program probably isn’t for you.

(Euro prices converted by Paypal at today’s rate)

This coaching program is NOT for you if:

  • You are brand new to weight-training.

  • You are not willing to track your food, at least for a period of time.

  • You want a quick-fix.

  • You want a long list of supplements to take, thinking that is what will bring you results.

  • You aren’t willing to invest some time and effort into your gym-work, and making nutrition and lifestyle alterations.

  • You have on-going injuries or illnesses that can only be rectified by medical attention.

  • You are under 18 years of age.

But if you’re ready to put in the work and learn a tonne about yourself, let’s get started!


(You should hear back from me within 24-48 hours after applying. If you have any questions before or after applying, simply email Looking forward to getting started!)