My name is Conor O’Neill, and I want to help you to become the best version of yourself. I believe that optimising your health and fitness can be a catalyst for huge improvements in other areas of your life.

Know Yourself Nutrition is my platform for providing information, programs and coaching on nutrition and exercise.

I also use this platform for sharing some practical ideas that I find interesting in the areas of philosophy, psychology and self-development, that I think can help you to become the best you can be.

The KYN Nutrition and Exercise Coaching Program

If you’ve been going to the gym and eating relatively well for a while, you probably know that you don’t need the one-to-one attention of an expensive personal trainer, nor do you want to be spending upwards of £100 per hour to see a nutritionist every week.

But you probably know that in order to optimise your health, fitness, and body composition progress, having an individualised nutrition plan and gym program, as well as some accountability (through weekly check-ins) and someone to ask specific questions to, is going to be key.

The KYN Online Nutrition and Exercise Coaching Program provides you with that, and takes away that feeling of having to constantly second-guess yourself as to whether or not you’re doing what you should be doing, with your nutrition and training.

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The Gaelic Athlete Programs

Accelerate your GAA performance and improve your body composition!

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KYN Athlete Stories

Read the stories of athletes who previously came through my programs and online coaching.

Nutrition Articles

The Know Yourself Nutrition Podcast