The Gaelic Athlete Off-Season Lean Program

The Gym-Work and Nutrition Program to Lose Fat, and Gain Muscle and Strength in the GAA Off-Season

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Lose Fat, Increase Strength, and go into the Upcoming Season with Confidence.

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Here are just a few examples of the Athletes that have come through my programs:

What's involved?

  • A 12-week Gym Program (3-day and 4-day options included) with the goals of gaining/maintaining muscle and strength, in a way that will improve your performance on the pitch.

  • A nutrition program that shows you how much to eat and of what types of foods, with calorie and macronutrient recommendations, with guidance around tracking your intake.

  • A supplement guide, showing you the few supplements that actually work.

  • Sleep and Hydration guides.

  • A exercise database, showing the correct techniques for the exercises in the program.

  • A bonus recipe pack, based on my cookbook, which gives you tasty nutrition meals to hit your goals.

  • Life-time updates of the program, should I need to change anything to meet any new research outcomes that become relevant.

  • Access to me via e-mail at any time, with any questions or queries you have regarding the program.

Still Not Sure?

That's cool. If you're not ready to invest yet, that's completely fine with me, and I hope you still make progress from the information in my nutrition articles and podcast! However, if you're on the edge, but just need something to put your mind at ease, if you go through the 12-week program and aren't happy with the progress you've made, you'll get a full refund.

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Buy now and the program will be in your email inbox within a couple of minutes, for you to get stuck in right away!

(Euro prices automatically calculated by PayPal at checkout)