Gaelic Athlete Stories

Just a few words from some of the guys I've worked with...

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Derrygonelly Harps GAC - Fermanagh Senior Football Champions 2015, 2016, 2017.

"Our players benefited from advice on what food to eat to prepare for and recover from training, also pre, during and post-match nourishment. Conor educated us all on the different food groups and how to incorporate these into healthy balanced meals. The importance of proper hydration and adequate sleep were also reinforced. Our Youth Secretary commented, “It was great to have a different voice speaking to the children/ parents about something which has a relevance to all areas of life.”

Conor’s passion for nutrition and for Gaelic football were evident throughout his presentation and he inspired his audience so much so that my six year old son chose to have a bottle of water and an apple over a fizzy drink and crisps afterwards!"

Jacqueline Magee, Secretary of the Derrygonnelly Harps GFC Health and wellbeing Committee


Queen's University Belfast Elite Athlete Academy

I spoke to the Elite Athletes on the Queen's Elite Athlete Scheme, in the lead up to Christmas, when they went their respective ways a split up for the Christmas break.

This would be a time where nutrition would be important, especially with the amount and types of food that around commonly associated with Christmas, couple with the break from training for most of them.


Performance Athlete - Orla Smyth - Transplant games Athlete and World Record Holder


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